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Technology is changing the way you view checks on your checking account…..introducing “CHECK 21”

Technology has made your banking faster, easier, and more secure. Soon, it will allow you to see your account information on statements in ways you never have before. It started on October 28, 2004 when new federal law known as Check 21 or The Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act goes into effect. With this new law, financial institutions will be able to replace the paper checks you write with “substitute checks”.

Why Check 21 was created

Today, for checks to be cleared, they must physically be transported from one location to another – a time-consuming and expensive process. Check 21 will change that by allowing financial institutions to send checks among each other electronically, helping them reduce costs, process checks faster, and detect fraud more easily.

How the Check 21 legislation affects you

Some checks may clear sooner, since electronic payments are processed faster. As a result, you should:
-Ensure you have sufficient available funds in your CFCU checking account before writing a check

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Check 21?

Enacted by Congress last year, Check 21 is a new law that allows any financial institution to turn your paper checks into electronic transactions. In turn, the financial institution must provide you with a substitute check, which displays an image of the front and back of your check.

What is a substitute check? How will I recognize one?

A substitute check is a copy of an electronic image that a financial institution creates to replace your original paper check. A substitute check must include an image of the front and back of your original check and will include the words, “This is a legal copy of your check. You can use it the same way you would use the original check.” These copies will be used when a CFCU customer requests a duplicate copy of the front and back of any CFCU check written. Please note that in some instances, the original duplicate check that a customer retains may be used as proof of payment.

Will Check 21 affect the time it takes to clear my checks?

In some cases, yes. Because substitute checks do not have to be physically transported between locations, checks may clear faster. As a result, be sure to have sufficient available funds in your account before writing a check. For added protection, all Connecticut Federal Credit Union customers are automatically covered by overdraft protection provided the funds are available in your savings account.

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