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Contact Information:

Phone: 203-239-0346

Fax: 203-234-2867

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Minimum Balance: None required; a $5.00 deposit weekly into the regular share account is required unless $1,000.00 balance is maintained in your savings account

Monthly Fees: None

Cost of Drafts: First 50 at no cost; thereafter paid by member dependent upon design chosen

Deposits Can be made over the counter; payroll deduction if the members’ company offers; direct deposit or mail

Collateral: A share draft account is not accepted as collateral for any loan

Lost, Forged or Stolen Drafts Contact the credit union immediately


Overdraft: Insufficient Funds $25.00 for each overdraft
Transfer of Funds (Can call in and transfer from savings to checking): No Charge

Overdraft Protection (will transfer money from savings to checking to cover a check): $5.00

Stop payment: $10.00
Copies of Drafts: $10.00

Bank Cheque: $3.00

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